Tornillo ISD Bond Management, High School Athletic Complex and District-Wide HVAC, Roofing and Accessibility Improvements
Architect of Record, and Bond Management, Jennifer Countryman

In 2016 Tornillo ISD passed its first bond in 10 years to bring a state of the art athletic complex to Canutillo High School, and district-wide improvements to their heating, cooling, roofing and accessibility challenges. As their bond project manager, and architect, the work consisted first of prioritizing, budgeting, packaging, and scheduling their bond commitments, to define a scope of work to be designed, before the architectural work began. The athletic facilities at the high school included a fieldhouse with concessions; a lighted artificial turf football field; an 8 lane post-tension track; spectator seating for 1,200 with press box; lighted tennis courts; and outdoor seating planned around robust desert landscaping featuring the native Tornillo tree.

Canutillo ISD Canutillo High School Concessions / Restroom Building
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

The concession restroom building, a masonry structure to match the existing high school campus, was placed alongside playing fields carefully, to avoid existing geothermal wells, with utility routes – a significant portion of the construction cost given the project’s remote location – assessed and routed to minimize cost impacts.

El Paso Community College Transmountain Campus Academic / Workforce Training Addition
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

This project expanded the original distinctive 1979 campus by 25,000 SF. The design of the addition continued the spirit of the original campus’ angular design set into the earth, looking up towards the mountains, with strategic vistas towards the outdoors that enliven the interior. Academically, the classrooms support the fashion and interior design labs. These are complemented by group study areas, and places to hang that are fully powered, and technology enabled. Opportunities for painting, photography, sculpture and fashion displays are carved out of the asymmetrical halls. The shaded, amenity-laden, and modernly furnished indoor – and outdoor - spaces have proved to be hugely popular for students of all career paths. 2020 local AIA award winner.

University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing Anatomy Lab Relocation / Renovation
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

This project integrated the latest in video technology, enabling students at each of the 16 dissection tables to follow along with their professor while they watched them work through a camera hovering over the teacher’s table, and projected to a large screen on the end of each student group’s dissection table. The mechanical system enabled you to turn on dissection table ventilation in groups, reducing energy costs associated with formaldehyde ventilation when not all the tables were in operation.


Famous Dave’s Far East

Carnitas Queretaro Far East

Best Western


Trost’s Samaniego Building

Sunset Heights Bungalow


City of El Paso Eastside Senior Center
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

The new multi-purpose addition, designed to match the existing facility, has helped the City increase its services to the elderly community in the neighborhood, who had already maximized the capacity of the Eastside Senior Center’s ability to host classes and events. The interior of the building was also renovated to make the gathering spaces and restrooms more elder friendly, as well as to improve the bingo and Friday night dance facilities.

City of El Paso | El Paso Zoo | Cat Adoption Center
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

See the big cats, leave with a little cat. That was the goal of this renovation. The Cat Adoption Center at the zoo created places for people of all ages to have an interactive experience with cats in a playful, child and pet friendly environment, prior to adoption.

City of El Paso Playa Drain Walking Trail
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

The City’s tree farm came to the rescue on this project, allowing the project budget to include enough funds for trees and planting to closely space cottonwood and pecans native to the historical landscape of the lower valley. The trail itself features signage that imitates the locks on irrigation channels, and features games and races along the way.

City of El Paso Sun Metro BRIO Rapid Transit Stop Airport

This BRIO stop tastefully drew from the existing airport and rental car structure to create a public transportation experience that fit seamlessly into its place on the airport campus. Its placement accommodated and highlighted sculptures that were part of the project, and added a rideshare pick-up and waiting area for Lyft and Uber.

El Paso Water Hawkins Administrative Complex Site Plan Options Analysis
Principal In Charge, JC - Previous Firm

A matrix was created for this project to analyze the possible scenarios on which the new administrative complex would be developed. For each scenario, a series of site planning options was created. This allowed the owner to evaluate the pros and cons of facility access, building placement and configurations.

El Paso Water Downtown Relocation Analysis
Principal In Charge, JC - Previous Firm

As part of this project, several downtown locations were analyzed for their suitability to relocate the EPW’s headquarters. Both the desirables, and the undesirables – from the perspective of the organization, as well as, as an individual employee, were listed, studied and ranked. Costs were taken into consideration, and an owner’s project budget provided for each site analyzed.

El Paso Water Hawkins Administrative Building Occupancy Study & Programming
Principal In Charge, JC - Previous Firm

The occupancy study looked at current needs and challenges, picked up existing trends, and incorporated proposed changes in direction – from a facilities and work culture perspective, to develop a program and guidelines that better represented how the EPW wanted to work, individually and together. As a result of the Occupancy Study & Programming exercise, a design for the Hawkins Building representing these values was conceptualized.

El Paso International Airport FIDs Upgrades
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

The Flight Information Display systems, their locations, and mountings, were upgraded as part of this project, which also included design of a multi-monitor, thin bezel screen display at the airport entrance, and the design of several interactive maps, to tie into the wayfinding strategies being implemented.

El Paso International Airport Facility Architectural Design Guidelines
Principal In Charge, JC - Previous Firm

The intent of this document was to document preferences, implement the standardization, and serve as a reference for maintenance and new work projects. While it did include mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure items, it also provided materials information on new elements that were being introduced, modernizing the airport’s appearance, and creating comfortable amenities for patrons.


UMC of El Paso West Expansion OR Division Into Suites
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

An idea borne of necessity, this design converted the existing OR into two suites so that the hospital could reap the benefits of the changes in code requirements. Services includes production of Construction Documents; incorporation of client’s in-house procedures and design requirements; TDLR Plan Review; and submission to the TDSHS.

UMC of El Paso Thomason Tower 8th Floor Change of Occupancy Feasibility Study
Principal In Charge, JC - Previous Firm

This study was requested in order to analyze whether the 8th floor, currently used as executive offices, could be converted into a healthcare setting. The study prioritized code compliance, structural, and infrastructure challenges, and looked at operational impacts associated with work that would be needed. Areas of further investigation, and next steps, were recommended.

UMC of El Paso Demolition of Vagabond Hotel & Record Drawings of Utilities
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

The Architect assessed the existing hotel on the SW corner of Reynolds and Gateway East, and its underground utilities, then both coordinated and prepared drawings and specifications for structural and general demolition. The project included a stabilization plan, and documented existing utility connections to the point where they were demolished, in preparation for future construction.

Texas Health & Human Services El Paso State Supported Living Center Renovations Phase 1
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

The living quarter renovation project for the THHS’ mental health clients at the ESSLC created spaces that better reflected their idea of home. Work included specially developed abuse-resistant assemblies and provisions, and areas that accommodated populations with special needs. In these especially, we ensured the ease with which care-givers are able to do tasks was improved, and for the patients, a more comfortable, maneuverable world able to be enjoyed.

Texas Health & Human Services El Paso Psychiatric Center Improvements
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

Building-wide improvements included in this project were chosen as needed to comply with JAHCO requirements, enhance safety, improve operational efficiency, and continue to maintain the quality of care. The project included improvements typical of mental health hospitals, such as enhancement of ligature resistance measures, access control, door hardware maintenance replacements, plumbing infrastructure repairs, and elevator upgrades.

UTEP School of Nursing Anatomy Laboratory Relocation | Renovation
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

Originally, this project started as a mechanical | air quality improvement job. In the end, it relocated and expanded the Anatomy Laboratory, enabling it to house 16 dissection tables, with support spaces. The new lab mitigated formaldehyde exposure with proper ventilation, systems whose design was such that the controls maximized savings in a room when in operation, maintained temperatures in the 50s.

Murchison Medical Doctors Orthopedic Clinic & Imaging Suite Renovation
Architect of Record, Jennifer Countryman

This project re-conceptualized patient and staff flows; re-programmed their spacial needs to reflect work processes; added a lead-lined imaging suite; and developed construction documents based on these, with a modern twist to the interiors. While the increase to the existing clinic’s square footage was slight, the increased ability of the clinic to throughput patients was great.